Compiling; heading south

So I met with Rozina, an amazingly resourceful and knowledgeable person who has worked in collective for a long time; including Seward Cafe, People's Bakery, Hard Times, and more. She gave me a lot of insight into the way the Collectives have formed themselves over the years and some of the changes and hardships they've rolled through. Also, she's compiling tons of resources for me to go through and re-compile into a sort of 'How-To Forms' guide to add to the zine.

My time in the city is wrapping up and I'm heading back home to start compiling all the interviews, pictures, and paperwork I have; there's a lot of work ahead, but I can't wait to finish it! Thanks so much to everyone who helped out (and continues too) through interviews; formal or informal, and compiling information. Your time is well worth it. stay tuned...


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