Deadline - Not yet...

Just spent the summer/fall in Minneapolis, and I am ready to put the first edition of the zine together this winter. It is taking longer than I hoped, but it's still progressing! stay tuned...

in the meantime, check out other projects I'm working on...


New Photos on + other projects!

I made a account for some of the pictures for the project. I'll post a bunch, but there will be more that won't be released till the zine comes out!

I'm also still working with a bunch of the business to get follow up info after the initial interviews. It'll be a bit of a long process, but it's still moving forward! Thanks for keeping up with the project!

And... I'm working on an awesome photojournalism project in Mexico and Guatemala in the meantime with my good friend Jess. If you can, please check out our kickstarter page and donate some funds to keep us going!
Muchos Gracias! 



Set up a Picasa for pictures!

Follow the link: Pictures from the Bedlam Theater, The Seward Community Cafe, The Hard Times Cafe, The Matchbox Cafe, and more...
There will be more coming as soon as film gets developed, so check back, too.


Compiling; heading south

So I met with Rozina, an amazingly resourceful and knowledgeable person who has worked in collective for a long time; including Seward Cafe, People's Bakery, Hard Times, and more. She gave me a lot of insight into the way the Collectives have formed themselves over the years and some of the changes and hardships they've rolled through. Also, she's compiling tons of resources for me to go through and re-compile into a sort of 'How-To Forms' guide to add to the zine.

My time in the city is wrapping up and I'm heading back home to start compiling all the interviews, pictures, and paperwork I have; there's a lot of work ahead, but I can't wait to finish it! Thanks so much to everyone who helped out (and continues too) through interviews; formal or informal, and compiling information. Your time is well worth it. stay tuned...



The Hub Interview: Successful

Today I sat down with Will from The Hub Bicycle Co-Op to find out what kind of policies keep their gears spinning. Lots of great information about running multiple spaces and buying into a profit sharing worker-owned business. I'll have a lot more about this later..


Interview at the Matchbox Cafe Collective

Finally made it to the NE! Did a great interview with Liz of the Matchbox Collective Cafe. They've been a Worker Owned Collective since buying it out in 2003 and are doing really well right now. They are smallest business I've interviewed so far, so they had some unique perspectives. Stay tuned for more...


Great interview with Hard Times...

I sat down to lunch with Luke, a long time Hard Times Cafe Member-Owner. We discussed the collective process they use and how they manage to get all the responsibilities of running a business accomplished,  without bosses...